Saturday, June 19, 2010

Staying in from the heat....

I live in the deep South.... it is unbearably hot and humid right now, so outdoor activities are few and far between unless they include water.  No water plans for the day today, so instead we holed up in the house with the a/c and ceiling fans going strong!

Several weeks ago I made a quilt top with the intention of giving it to a couple in our church expecting their first child, a boy.  It was the first time I made a quilt on point and it stressed me out a bit. I like to wing it and it required me to be a bit more structured and focused. I liked the top, but it just wasn't right for the couple... the top is made with primary colors plus green... they have a nursery done in blues and browns. So I whipped up another top and made their quilt from it.  The first top was put away for future use.

Well that use came quicker than expected. A friend has a new grandbaby born this past week.. a boy. So out came the quilt top.  Hubby and I got it sandwiched last night and he quilted it today.  WOW!  I love it!  I bought some variegated thread some time ago... I forget why!... that is blue, red, yellow and green... the colors of this quilt top!  Hub used that thread to do some simple straightline quilting.  It looks soo good! 

Especially on  the back. 

The photos do not do it justice.

While all this was going on, I whipped up a small top that will be a doll quilt for a friend's granddaughter. Nothing fancy, just a simple patchwork quilt from 5" charms.

I also worked on my GFG project.. made 2 more flowers.. no pix... I am off to whip up an other flower or two before heading to bed. 

Tomorrow is Father's Day.  I pray you had/have a good Dad.. I did.. he has been gone 13 years and I still miss him. If you did not or don't have a good Dad, I encourage you to forgive him for that and focus on the fact that you do have the best Father of all in your Heavenly Father. He loves you perfectly!


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