Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quilts for Kids

I participated in the Quilts for Kids Program recently... you may have seen this promoted through Downy as Touch of Comfort. I made 2 quilts. 1 from a kit they sent... Nuts & Robolts.. and the other from my stash ... Butterflies, Bonnets & Blooms. Both were quick and easy and now are packaged up and ready to find a home with a special boy and girl!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Comfort Quilt

Recently an online quilting buddy went through a series of treatments. One of our mutual friends made her the sweetest quilt using fabric that has certain Psalms already printed on it. I have made a quilt before for a friend going through chemo, but never with the Bible verses. I loved that ! I am a firm believer in the power of God's Word.. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Word is alive and active and I can attest to the fact that that is TRUE! Now I don't think a quilt made with Bible verse fabric is magical.. not at all! But it will remind its recipient of the promises of God. So when a dear friend received a devastating diagnosis, I knew I had to make her a Comfort Quilt. I used the Psalms fabric and I also found some really lovely Faith, Hope, Love and Joy Fabric. This is a lap size quilt.. went together super fast. My hubby, who is the speediest quilter I know, quilted it for me in a flash! I love how it turned out. Here are some more pictures:

Garage Sale Finds....

2 churches in our area had big garage sales this weekend for Missions. One is my mom's church and I go to it each year. The other one I have never attended before. Lots of stuff at both... I had a very small spending allowance though! Still... I found some nice stuff!

I bought books at both places... I love books! Including a hardback first editio
n with dust jacket in mint condition and autographed book that is one of my son's absolute favorite books! He is going to flip when I give this to him! Saving it for his birthday in a couple of months!

I also got this beauty....
I love glass items... especially plates and trays and bowls... just
love it! This platter is so unique to me... very simple, but really elegant. I just loved it. Almost passed it by, but hubby insisted.. he even haggled a bit and saved us a few dollars. :-) Can't wait to use it!

Of course the main thing on the lookout list was fabric! Found some nice solids (
no picture, sorry) and these 2 fun fabrics...

and then I found this baby fabric. Isn't it sweet?

And Hubby grabbed
up this stripe... he loves stripes!

So I added a bit to my stash.... and didn't break the bank!
That makes for a good day!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Fun Saturday

Ran to Hobby Lobby with Hubby this morning to snatch up some batting with 40% off coupons. Ended up getting a few more things. This fabric was on clearance ... how could I resist!? And while I rarely purchase quilt books (so much can be found online for free!) I just loved several of the quilts in this one and Hubby insisted I buy it. So I did!

This afternoon my
daughter whipped up some Peepshi for her brother who is a Sushi nut. A friend sent me the link for these..

Too Cute! He is going to love them!

And a good bit of today
has been spent outside with the babies.. Mac and Mia.. hunting bugs and such. Poor Miss Mia looks awful covered in Pollen! No doubt Mac is covered too, it just doesn't show up on his red coat!

Hope you
all have a very Blessed
Easter.. enjoy the food and fellowship with family and friends... hide some eggs... eat some
candy... hug a bunny... but most of all remember that Jesus is Alive! "Belle"