Monday, December 15, 2008

Obligations Fulfilled... Finally!

I finished up the last 2 sewing commitments I had for 2008... YEAH! The first were some blocks I was sending to a friend. They look easy, but they were a booger to make! I think those flying geese had it in for me! LOL! They turned out nice in the end. Here is one of the 8 I made ...

Oh yes, this is the Indian Star pattern found at

The other commitment I had was to make a tote for a friend to give her dd for Christmas. I LOVE making things to give to other folks, but I find that I hate making things for people... does that make sense? When it is a gift, I tend to be relaxed and while I want it to be well made and nice, I don't get overly uptight when I see a small flaw here or there (like points that don't quite match up). But when making for someone to give to someone else, wow! The pressure! And that made me make mistakes.. really dumb ones that frustrated me! But it is done and I think it turned out nice. I love pink and I love purple, so I thought I would have a difficult time giving this one up.. but I know the young woman who will be getting this for Christmas and she will enjoy it... so that makes the parting easier! LOL!

I will be taking a sewing break for a week or so... at least through Christmas... maybe even through New Years! But I already have projects for 2009 on tap... lots of them! So I will be back up and running in sewing central soon.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! "Belle"