Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Catch-Up Time.....

Starting off 2013 catching up from 2012. There wasn't a huge amount of sewing / quilting that happened late in 2012.  Life continues to get in the way of fabric time!  Hopefully in 2013 I will find a bit more balance to it all.

A young woman in our church is away for a year working with a church in Ireland. She has to raise all her financial support for this mission, so my daughter (her sister-friend) has been making various things to sell to help financially. She asked me to make some mug rugs. Here are a few of the ones I made:

For several years, I have wanted to make stockings for our family and finally this year it happened!  I think they all turned out great! Not perfect, but perfectly suited us!

My daughter is in seminary getting her masters (the exact name of the masters is a mouth and mindful!).    Her fella is working on his PhD. They are both very academic and intellectual and yet there is a very playful side to them! They really are big kids at heart, so their stockings are fairly whimsical.  Fella loves things that go... planes, trains, autos etc. So when I saw this cute fabric with all those, I knew it would work well for him.  Daughter loves polka dots, so I was thrilled to find a coordinating fabric with those.  I used some denim and adding the heal / toes for a bit more fun.

Son and his girl like the urban / anthropologie vibe. She loves burlap and we have these table coverings we made a while back that are from a fabric that looks a bit like a cross between burlap and linen.  They borrow them regularly, so I knew this was a good fabric choice.  She also loves the color peach and fabric flowers. So those became part of the mix and I tossed in a big ole wooden button to add a bit more rustic flare.  I had planned to use the same fabric for my son with a plain cuff and small wooden buttons, but then I saw this gray herringbone fabric that looks a bit like the fabric used for a man's suit. Perfect for him!

Last but not least, Hubby and I.  I am love anything to do with snow and fell instantly in love with Moda's Blitzen fabrics.. especially this whimsical snowman. My cuff is a white on white that is snowflakes.  I wanted Hub's to coordinate in some way, but knew whimsical snowmen didn't fit him.  We did some digging through the stash here and found this lovely golden olive snowflake print we purchased at some point in the past. Very classy just like him.  His cuff is a white on white paisley (he loves paisleys).

Everyone was pleased with their stockings.. especially when they were filled!  And I love how they looked hanging from the mantel.

I used this tutorial / pattern:

Tie-dyed Diva Stocking

Very easy to follow and make.

The other main end of the year project was a new quilt for my mom. Hubs and I made her one last year for her 80th birthday. We used 1930s repros (her faves) and made it especially for a large four poster wooden bed that belonged to her aunt. Mother loves that quilt, but sadly she no longer sleeps in that big tall bed due to a bad fall last year.  She now prefers a smaller and lower to the ground twin bed. We have been taking various utility quilts over there for her to use on the bed, but I wanted her to have another repro one. So we pulled charms and Hubby cut lots of white fabrics and we got to work. It is a simple 9 patch pattern.  The highlight, to me, is the quilting. Hubs did it and used a dark honey thread that shines against the repros and looks amazing on the back (which is a soft steely blue).  Add a fun throw pillow to match and it's done!  Mother is thrilled and able to snuggle up each night under a quilt made especially for her.

Here's to more quilty projects in 2013!  "Belle"

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