Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's all in the planning....

I don't always have chunks of time to sew... between being a full-time wife, working part-time, normal house stuff, 2 young adult kids (young moms it does not get easier!), my 81 year old mother, church activity and life in general, I have to find the time and energy sometimes to work on a project.

So when I can, I like to set things up for those times when I have 15 or 20 minutes to play with fabric.

Here is how I have sewing central set up now....

I sew on our dining room table. Normally I use a task chair, but I haven't taken the time to roll it from the computer in the other room to the dining table this morning. I have 2 Granny Square Blocks set up and ready to sew.. as well as piles of fabric cut and ready to set up more. I have to add a BIG advantage is a husband who cuts fabric for me! Of course I am often cooking supper or doing laundry while he cuts, so it is a win-win.  :-)

I may only get these 2 blocks sewn together today.. but that is ok!  It will be 2 more to add to this small, but growing collection...

And once the 2 are sewn today, I will lay 2 more out for the next bit of sewing time.

If you struggle with finding time to sew and if you are able to leave things set up, I encourage you to try something like this. Get fabrics cut.. layout a block or two.. have machine ready (correct thread, plenty of bobbins, fresh needle if needed) and then when you have a few minutes to breath, do it at the sewing machine!  You will accomplish more than you think!

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