Saturday, June 19, 2010

Staying in from the heat....

I live in the deep South.... it is unbearably hot and humid right now, so outdoor activities are few and far between unless they include water.  No water plans for the day today, so instead we holed up in the house with the a/c and ceiling fans going strong!

Several weeks ago I made a quilt top with the intention of giving it to a couple in our church expecting their first child, a boy.  It was the first time I made a quilt on point and it stressed me out a bit. I like to wing it and it required me to be a bit more structured and focused. I liked the top, but it just wasn't right for the couple... the top is made with primary colors plus green... they have a nursery done in blues and browns. So I whipped up another top and made their quilt from it.  The first top was put away for future use.

Well that use came quicker than expected. A friend has a new grandbaby born this past week.. a boy. So out came the quilt top.  Hubby and I got it sandwiched last night and he quilted it today.  WOW!  I love it!  I bought some variegated thread some time ago... I forget why!... that is blue, red, yellow and green... the colors of this quilt top!  Hub used that thread to do some simple straightline quilting.  It looks soo good! 

Especially on  the back. 

The photos do not do it justice.

While all this was going on, I whipped up a small top that will be a doll quilt for a friend's granddaughter. Nothing fancy, just a simple patchwork quilt from 5" charms.

I also worked on my GFG project.. made 2 more flowers.. no pix... I am off to whip up an other flower or two before heading to bed. 

Tomorrow is Father's Day.  I pray you had/have a good Dad.. I did.. he has been gone 13 years and I still miss him. If you did not or don't have a good Dad, I encourage you to forgive him for that and focus on the fact that you do have the best Father of all in your Heavenly Father. He loves you perfectly!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Happy for Myself!

I have been working on so many quilts for other folks, which I love!  And I have a long running project started with the GFG for my mom.... but sometimes I need something that is quick and sometimes I need something that is just for me... so today I got that!  I have been using a cute little 4 patch pincushion to hold needles and pins with my GFG project... but my scissors and other supplies just sort of float around and the end table next to my couch is covered with snippets of thread!  I went on an Internet quest to find a cute and easy thread catcher, but what I found is even better! ... a weighted pin cushion with plenty of room for pens and needles... a pocket to hold other supplies like small scissors, thread snips, seam ripper etc.  and a thread catcher (this one can be removed to use alone or empty out!).

I decided to use some 1930 repro fabric.. and much to the shock of my family and friends, it isn't pink!  I went with purple. I do love pink though and just might end up with a pink one to use at my sewing machine!

I did make one change.. the original patten (which I will post) had a felted wool strip to hold spare needles. I have no felted wool (my friend, Rhonda just fainted at that thought!)... I have never used felted wool in a project.. might one day, but really have no big draw to it.  Instead, I used a contrasting fabric to create the band to hold the spare needles.  They are difficult to see in the photo, but they are there!

I think it turned out well...

Here is the link to the tutorial. It is well written with photos. There are a couple of steps I had to really walk through where I felt a little more detail could have been given. For a sewing pro (like my 2 sisters-in-law who have been sewing all their lives) there will be no trouble. If you are still a novice to sewing, like me, you might have to think it through a bit as you work, but all in all it is relatively easy.

Pin Cushion Organizer

If you are looking for a quick project.. something to make for yourself or for another sewer (I am sure I will be making a few of these for some quilty friends) ... then this just might be the project for you!  I am looking forward to using it this evening while I watch TV and whipping up more hexgons!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A New Addiction....

I have started a new hand project... and it is now an addiction!  The same bunch who got me quilting in the first place encourage this new project... I think it is their plot to keep me in bondage to fabric and thread just like they are! 

So here is what I am doing..

First I played with some 1930 repros (I have decided it is impossible to have enough of these!)...

Then I cut some fabric squares and some templates..

A quick bit of sewing while watching tv produced these cuties...

And a bit more sewing and you have a flower... I have 8 so far...

I have always adored the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and had no idea it was as easy as it is!  I am sure it will get cumbersome as I start putting flowers together, but still. This is definitely one of those quilts that looks more complicated than it is!  I am doing a single flower wiin repros.... each flower has a color scheme, but different fabrics make it up.  I will surround these with white hexagons and white flowers. My inspiration can be found here...

Isn't that a lovely quilt?!  I have no white hexagons of flowers done because I haven't gotten my white fabric. The yellow centers are Kona Cotton - Lemon.  I plan to use Kona Cotton - Snow for the white. 

My goal is to have this finished before my mom's 80th birthday which is September 21, 2011.. yes 11.  I am going for a full size quilt for her bed.  She has seen the flowers and loves them, but has no idea the quilt is for her. She will love it! She has hinted (boldly I might add) that she wanted a quilt in repros. 

I have to add that I love dong this by hand.. I plan to quilt it by hand also.  My dad's mom made quilts before I was born... she also sewed baby clothes  for me.  She never owned a sewing machine. Everything was done by hand. I feel very connected to her when I am working on this... it is almost as if she is looking over my shoulder watching my work. I think she would be pleased.

One more picture.... Mac kept trying to help me with the GFGs and really wanted in the pictures.. after I told him no he went and pouted a bit... poor Mackie... I am sure a little throwing of the ball and a cheesy treat will make it all better. 


Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

... that's what boys are made of!  Last week was a week of Boy Quilts.  Some dear friends are in Taiwan right now finishing up all the red tape and paperwork to bring home their 2nd son from that country.  Some time ago I whipped up a quick top for Jeremiah.  Last week quilter hubby and I got the label made and added to the back... sandwiched the layers and then he quilted it one afternoon... zip... zip.. done. The man is a beast when it comes to machine quilting!  I think it turned out super cute!

At the beginning of last week, I put together a quilt top for a young couple in our church expecting their first child.. a boy. I had picked out some fabrics from my stash, but then learned they were using brown and blue in the nursery.  Hub and I made a mad dash to a couple of fabric stores and bought a few things but nothing would gel in my mind. So I decided to stick with the original fabrics.  Found a pattern in an old quilt magazine and took off.  It is set on point... my first time to do that.. stressed me out totally... I am very much a wing-it girl and this took way more planning and watching than I am use to.  It turned out well though.

But when it came time to sandwich and quilt, I just couldn't do it. I knew it wasn't what they wanted and would not suit them at all. So last Saturday, the day before the shower, Hub and I pulled charms and scraps and such and started cutting.  I pieced together the top... a quick and easy coin top made up of tan, cream and blue coins... set with brown sashing and borders.  Hubby then did his quilting magic and voila!  a quilt was born.  The photo does not do it justice. The brown fabric is not as dark as it appears... although it is dark.. it is Kona Cotton Espresso and has a very rich tone.  The expectant mommy loved it... so it was well work the change in plans!

Now this pink girl is ready to work with something girlie!