Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quilters are the best friends!

Last week I came in from one of my crazier than normal crazy days to find a big box had arrived in the mail for me... from an online quilt buddy. We both love repros and she knows I am going to be working on 2 repro quilts this year.. one for my sweet 78 year old mama and one for my dd who is graduating college and moving off to attend seminary. So my friend said "I have lots of repros.. I will send you some." SOME!?? More like the store.. LOL! Ok.. so not the store, but still.... I am thinking a few scraps maybe 2 or 3 FQs.. Nope.. I get this:

18 FQs and a pack of 10 x 10 squares! Aren't they great?!

AND THEN... she
knows my son is a huge LSU fan.. which is humorous considering hubby went to Mississippi State and I went to Ole Miss. :-) M
y friend is a Tiger fan too and lives in Tiger country so she thought I might need some Tiger fabric at some point...

18 more FQs!

I am still a bit overwhe
lmed at her generosity... but then I know for a fact that Quilters are the best friends to have!


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