Monday, March 22, 2010

From Daddy with Love....

My hubby is a quilter also and I often post pictures of his projects. We have 2 children... well, they are young adults not really children. Hubby made our son a quilt a couple of years ago, so it was time to make our daughter one also. She has always loved dragonflies and other cutsie bugs like butterflies and lady bugs... and hubby has given her buggy things over the years, so it made sense that he would create a buggy themed quilt for our girl. The pattern is something he thought up... the colors a combo of his and her faves... and as always it is huge! LOL!

My husband is a big guy (6'5") and he makes big quilts! He starts out on a normal scale, but then keeps going and going and ends up with mammoth creation! Nice thing though... 1) she will have no trouble wrapping up completely in it 2) it
is big enough to cover her bed if she wants and 3) she could share it one day with a special someone as there is definitely room for 2 (I don't think Dad thought about that possibility!)


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