Thursday, February 7, 2008

Braids, Mystery and a Wedding....

I am done with all the Round Robins... YEAH! I enjoyed working on every single one, but one of my absolute faves was the last one. I could add anything I wanted! I have been wanting to try my hand at a braided border and this top seemed the perfect candidate for one. I used Bonnie's technique at I love anything that is fairly simple, but looks complicated.... and a braided border definitely fits the bill! Very easy...the main thing is the time to cut and sew!

So now I am on to another project with my online quilting buds... a mystery quilt..... another first for me. I am not good at following rules! LOL! But I was caught up in all the neat fabric combos I was seeing the others post and had to join them. It is no surprise that I am using pink, but honestly I didn't set out to do so. I bought very little fabric this past year! I have been making myself work with what I had in my stash and while I still have a lot, I don't have a lot of yardage.

But I finally found 3 fabrics.. a light, a dark and a contrast that went well together and I had enough for the requirements.

I have even started on step one.. some cute little four-patches... one down.. a "few" more to go! LOL!

And I continue to work on the wedding quilt. I decided it needs to be bigger, so I am making more blocks! 9 more. I will lay it out 5 blocks by 5 blocks.. add sashing and borders. I like square quilts, not sure why.

Hoping I have LOTS of quilty time this weekend! "Belle"


Quilt Pixie said...

the braided border really does set off this center medallion quilt well. I'm sure the recipient will love it ;-)

She sure is strange! said...

Oh Wow, I LOVE your MQ fabrics!!! I didn't get a chance to dig mine out yet, got sick kiddos here. Hopefully tomorrow. Then I have to sew of course.