Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Mystery Continues....

I was able to catch up on all the steps (so far) for the mystery quilt. I made lots of little four patches (step 1)... then some cute little HSTs (step 2 - part 1)... then I put the 2 together to create some really cute blocks (step 2 - part 2). I like the look of these blocks! They would be a cute quilt all by themselves! I also cut some squares of my dark pink fabric and my heart fabric (step 3).. and then I made some more 4 patches (step 4). So I am caught up... or WAS! Then Jody sent out the next step! Oh well, that is fine. I am ready for it! Now let's just hope I don't run out of any of my fabrics along the way! "Belle"

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