Thursday, January 24, 2008

I love my Quilty Friends!

I am part of a small online quilt group through yahoogroups... and I love it! God has drawn us together and made us family. And now I have a most precious token of them. We recently participated in a Round Robin... and I received mine in the mail this week. WOW! It is amazing! I created the center with the wild and wacky house... the rest was added by my friends.... some who are wild and wacky like me and others who are a bit more subdued. I am going to add one more border... a wide one... I just need to find the right fabric. Then I will back it (with something bright and cheery) and quilt it and love using it! "Belle"


Quilt Pixie said...

will you add a wonky letter quotation ala Tonya at Lazygal to the outside border?

BarbC said...

That is a good idea and I just might do that. I was thinking some saying about friends would be good and I love things that are a tad wonky! "Belle"

Anonymous said...

I love "Belle" it looks so fresh and cheerful.