Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crochet Roll Up

Sunday afternoon is the perfect time for napping with a good book or old movie OR for doing a quick easy project.. or both!  This past Sunday, I opted for the quick easy project followed by some fun time online soaking up ideas for an upcoming quilty adventure.

My son dates a rather crafty girl... she loves to do just about any craft at just about any time... the Internet time getting inspired was for a baby quilt she will be making soon. I am her teacher (oh my.. a bit like the blind leading the blind).. her hand-holder.. her enabler.. I have done my part to ensure another generation is addicted to fabric!  She is also a wonderful crocheter (crochetist? crochet-master? what do you call one who crochets?)

On Sunday she dove into the stash here and pulled out 2 purple fabrics (she had been eyeing them for a while) and with a bit of slicing, dicing and stitching.. Voila!  A Fabric Roll up to hold crochet hooks and some scissors was born.

Here is it all rolled up...

And here it is opened.. ignore the ugly ironing board cover (that has to be rectified soon!).. but do notice the pretty red fur under the ironing board.. that is Mac the Magnificent who had slipped into the room to look out the window and sigh as the world passed him by. LOL!

This was a fun, easy and quick project. You can find tutorials for making one of these or numerous other rolls (knitting needles, crayons, makeup brushes, toiletries etc.) online... do a quick search at your favorite search engine or look on pinterest!


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