Friday, March 9, 2012

Another top becomes a quilt...

The Mad Quilter (a.k.a. my hubby) continues his quest to turn all our seemingly abandoned quilt tops into quilts.. and he is get close. There are 3 that he wants to long-arm at some point. We don't have a machine. He uses one at a local LQS (sidenote: great shop with huge Internet business.. check it out.. Stitch-n-Frame )  Of course there are UFOs that will need to be quilted once they actually become completed tops, but he is determined to take care of those ready and waiting!

This is a scrappy top he made last year. The tiny little 4 patches are some I made of a mystery quilt. I have NO idea why I keep trying mystery quilts. I just never complete them. I get frustrated in the process. I like to at least have an idea in my head of the finished project. I often change things along the way, but I still have an idea of where I am going. Mystery quilts don't allow that luxury.

So he took those little four patches and other scraps and came up with a super scrappy super colorful top. I was not to keen on his choice of fabric for the final border (Also from the scrap box... forget where we got that bit of fabric.. garage sale I think).  He quilted it with some lime green thread... it was cute, but I was still not a fan of that border. Then he added that binding and wow.. I love it!  I have no idea what it is about that bright teal binding, but it just makes that border work for me. Go figure!

This is a very springy quilt to me... and it is lovely to curl up under with the pups and read or watch tv. I know.. I have already taking it for a test spin!


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