Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh Boy!

Hubby pieced and quilted this for a special little boy born shortly before Christmas.  We made a quilt for his big brother a couple of years ago (  So when Hubby started brain storming for this one, he decided to do something different, but a bit connected.  There are some of the same fabrics in each quilt and the thread used for quilting is the same (a great variegated thread in primary colors)... and while there are similarities in style, they are each very much their own.  I think this one looks like stained glass!

And the quilting on the back looks super!

Next stop for Hubs... UFO busting!  We have 6 tops that need to be quilted. He pulled out a top I made for the fun of it earlier this year. I saw a photo of a quilt.. thought it was neat.. decided to see if I could recreate it.  You can see the top here.. it's the 2nd quilt in the post

And my next project (other than finishing up some embroidery on my Snowman Faces quilt), well.. here is a tiny hint..


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