Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quilty Happenings....

It has been a busy few weeks here.. lots of non-quilty things going on, but all that changed last week. Our son's girlfriend has a cousin expecting a baby in March (got that!?) and she wanted to make her a baby quilt. JJ (girlfriend) has made mugs rugs and pillows.. and she is quickly becoming the CrochetMaster, but this is her first endeavor with an actual quilt.. and I think she did a great job! She knew the nursery colors.. and she knew she wanted to do something with bunting on it... did a bit of web surfing and found several ideas.  Then we went fabric shopping!  We found the cutest birdie print that worked with the color scheme. added some great Kona Cotton solids.. came home .. cut, appliqued.. quilted.. and voila!  Here we are...

While JJ was quilting away, I decided baby, Eva, needed some bibs to match her quilt. So I snatched up the scraps and went to town....

The Mad Quilter (a.k.a. my sweet husband) had a long weekend. We have a closet with several finished tops and he is determined to get them sandwiched and quilt. So last weekend we sandwiched 2 and he quilted up a storm!

I made the top for this one. Saw a picture of a quilt on a blog and liked it. Could not find a pattern for it, so I decided to wing it. It turned out well. The fabrics are all scraps and such from my stash.  It is a bit country to me, but I still like it. The pups and I have tried it out and it scores high in the coziness factor!

This next one is a scrappy endeavor of hubs.  I love love love it!  We take these random tops.. use them.. but also have them ready to give away if they are needed. I don't know if I will let this one go!  I really love the binding.. especially against that outer border... and the back looks so cool too! I haven't tried it out yet... but hubs has and says it is great for couch sleeping!

And last but certainly not least...  I saw this quilt online also and fell madly in love with it. I am a total nut when it comes to anything with a snow / snowman theme.  This was a mutual labor of love... I pieced the face blocks, appliqued the noses, added the borders and embroidered them.. then hubs created and added that amazing flying geese border.  We sandwiched it and he did some basic in-the-ditch quilting and bound it.  I added the buttons for eyes and mouths (providing more "tacking" down on the top).  It is beyond cute, if I say so myself. And while it is the end of February and right now my husband and son are mowing the lawn and our azaleas are blooming, the Snowmen are smiling in our breakfast room reminding us that winter hasn't left quite yet!


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