Saturday, July 16, 2011

Too busy to blog or quilt lately....

Life is so full and busy lately... and that means less time to quilt or blog.. not fun!

There are a number of things in the works....

A baby quilt for a little girl due in September. The HSTs are done.. now I have to decide how I want to lay them out..

This way:

or This other way:

Here is where I got the colors I used for the HSTs...

This dot fabric will be used for a border for sure!

I am also going to try my hand at making a denim baby big. Saw this post (Recycled Denim Bib  ) with the how-to and just could not resist!  Pulled an old pair of jeans from my daughter and a scrap of fabric to test this out.

Hubby has a BIG project going. A sweet girl named Morgan had a quilt top her grandmother made for her years ago. She asked if we could quilt it.  We got the quilt.. it is huge!  Morgan's grandmother said she was aiming for queen size. I think she may have overshot that a bit! LOL!  Hubby added a border There was none and we didn't want the binding to cover any of the red squares... which are really a reddish pink in person than a true red-red.  Got a back and batting.. sandwiching this one was a bear!  Here is a look at the quilting, so far... I think it is going to look great when it is done and I know Morgan is going to cherish it!

Warning: Blog Reading can be costly! LOL!  I was reading some quilting blogs and saw in one where the blogger was selling off some of her stash. I zipped to her etsy shop and found I was a tad late.. most everything was gone.. but there was a bundle of fabric designed by Sandi Henderson left. I LOVE Sandi Henderson's designs, so I snatched it up!  Don't have a clue what they will inspire, but I know I love looking at them!

I posted awhile back where my son's girlfriend and I did some crafting and she created a cute little applique tree pillow. We had another crafty day earlier this summer. She wanted to make another pillow. This one is larger and coordinates with the small one. Turned out great!

There are 2 completed baby quilts I need to photograph and post... soon!

In the meantime... here's to hoping we all get more time to create!


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Carol said...

I really love the first layout for the baby quilt. Is's sooo cute!! :)