Monday, May 30, 2011

Catching Up in Blogville -- Part 4 ... All Caught Up!

One quilt got completed over the past 2 months. I made the top earlier in March and the Mad Quilter (a.k.a. my sweet hubby) quilted it and finished it, binding and all. He is a keeper! :-)  This is a graduation gift for a sweet girl in our church.  She will be getting it as soon as she gets home from FL!  Cannot wait to see how she likes it.

I finished up a top for Friendship House in New Orleans (a transitional shelter for women).  I saw a picture of this quilt online, but had no idea the pattern... so I winged it!  I think it turned out well. I love the final border... I really love pieced borders!  

And as I mentioned in Part 2 of Catching Up in Blogville, I put together some baby quilt tops.. which will soon be quilted. This one is the most unbaby quilt I think I have made... and I love it!  My daughter has friends expecting baby #1.. a boy (lots of boys this year!). She asked me to make something using warm earthy tones. I pulled greens and golds and browns and I found a big scrap of fabric that has frogs all over it. I really love this fabric. She saw it and said "Use that!" So I added more colors that coordinated with the froggy print.  Here is the result:

And here is a close up of some of the frog fabric:

The last baby quilt top I made this weekend.  Another couple in our church expecting baby #1 and yes, another boy.  I was digging through the stash and came across some cowboy fabric I had used in another baby quilt. I really love this fabric.  An idea formed in my mind and off I went.  I love braids... have made a number of braided borders, but I have never used them in a quilt this way. I like it:

That little red strip defining the braids looks great to me, but it was not the easiest thing to add. Soooo small! But worth it, I think.

Here is a close up of the inspiration fabric:

One more thing. All 4 of these were made from fabric in the stash.. no purchases necessary!  I love it! I am doing my best to use from the stash and save some money!

And now I am finally caught up in Blogville!


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