Friday, July 22, 2011

Weird & Ugly Update

A few months ago I posted a photo of some fabric... it was part of a challenge among a group of quilty friends.  One friend picked out a fabric she considered weird and ugly. She sent a bit to each of us and we then had to use it in a project.  Here is the fabric:

And here is my creation:

It is a very large tote bag that I now use for carrying groceries and such. I like using canvas or cloth bags in place of plastic ones and carry a number with me.  This one is perfect for when I am running in to pick up just a few items. It will hold them all!  (It is big!) And the handles are nice and long, so I can carry it on my shoulder even when full.

I am not sure you would know the fabric was covered with skeletons and day of the dead images if you hadn't seen the fabric whole first.

Fun challenge.. wish you could see the other creations... they were all neat and varied!


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