Sunday, March 13, 2011

X another one off the list

I made this String-X top several years ago and it has been sitting in the closet on a shelf sadly watching other tops become quilts while it was ignored.  :-( I have no idea why it kept being passed over. I adore this top.  I love BRIGHT and SCRAPPY... this quilt definitely covers both those!

My husband has been pulling UFOs from the shelves (most of them tops he made) and getting them finished up left and right (8 out of 12 done so far this year!)  This is #9.  He quilted it a couple of weeks ago and then, once again, it sat.  I originally planned to bind it with black fabric.. just a solid black. He went to do that yesterday and found we did not have enough black for binding strips!  (Oh my!  How did that happen?!)  So we started auditioning other colors and fabrics. There were several he liked, but nothing really grabbed me.

And then I remembered.... we hit the clearance bins at Hobby Lobby shortly after the first of the year and hubby pulled out a TON of this wild reddy-purply-pink fabric.  I remember saying "Good grief!  I don't think we need that much!"  Seriously... we have about 10 yards! They were in 2 yard cuts and were $2.00 a yard. He kept saying they will show up in something. He was right... righter than right. Not only was this used for the binding of the String-X quilt, but I have some pulled to use in another string quilt I am working on for a graduation gift  AND I pulled some fabric to whip up some new cheery napkins for the kitchen table and this is one of them! (Yes, I know it is bright.. did you miss the fact that I love BRIGHT?)

When I made this top years ago, our daughter announced she wanted it.  Maybe one day.... LOL!  For now it is on the back of the couch.  The pups and I tried it out last night and it "fit" us just right!


p.s.  The pattern for this great quilt is found at Quiltville along with lots of other great patterns and other wonderful quilty info!

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~Molly~ said...

LOVE it, love it!!