Friday, March 11, 2011

More Goodies!

I had to run some errands earlier today including a dash into a local thrift shop. My son leaves tomorrow to go work at Youth Retreat over Spring Break and he needs shorts. He is a tall thin fella and has a difficult time finding pants and shorts. I hoped to find either some shorts or some pants that could be cut off and hemmed for shorts. No luck. BUT while there I found a bunch of sheets. One particular sheet caught my eye. Cotton candy pink with butterflies! I am thinking this will be the perfect backing for the graduation quilt I am making.  I was able to get the entire set.. fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillow cases. Then I found a   set with a neat folk-art type floral pattern. Got a flat and fitted sheet, no pillow cases. Lastly I found a pillow case I had to have. LOL!  A bright green gingham.  I love the color! Got all those treasures for $4.82! Whoo Hoo!

When I got home I found goodies... first, my hubby took the afternoon off and came home to be with me. (Happy Face!)  second, a package in the mail from another quilty buddy.  She knew my stash was running low of browns and yellows and sent me some!  Aren't they great?

I could get use to getting goodies like this every day!  What's more.. I think I need to make sure some other folks have "goodie" days too.  Hmm... wonder what I can send to someone???


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