Saturday, March 26, 2011


Today has been a very crafty quilty day here... and since it is Saturday, I decided to dub it Crafturday. :-)

First the quilt top for a friend's daughter's graduation quilt is done. I have to laugh a bit when I see this quilt. It is so me! LOL!  I love sting quilts... Pink is my favorite color and I love it with green or purple or teal or all of the above... and I love bright fabrics.  Don't worry, I did not make this based on my likes.. I asked the graduating girls mom and my daughter (who knows her well) and they both suggested these colors. Seems the young lady has excellent taste! 

The it was on to a bit of Fusible Applique 101 and creative fun.  My son's girlfriend loves to craft. She saw a pillow she wanted to make. I had a tutorial ( Scrap Buster Pillow ) that was very similar. So we looked it over and hopped to it. She had fabric she had purchased, we added some from the stash and scraps here... mix with a bit of heat and bond lite, some heat, straight-line stitching.. and Voila!  You have a really cute pillow top:

We will finish the back and add an insert soon. (Son and girl had a wedding rehearsal and dinner to attend). 

Check out this cute flower:

My crafting buddy crocheted this and gave it to me today. Hot pink with green inside.. she knows me well!

While we were creating, hubby was playing around with fabric too. He grabbed up scraps that he had cut into specific shapes and sizes and just started putting them together.  Here is what he came up with...

There are 2 more like this made (different fabrics of course) and more to come.

I also started a new project today. I saw a picture of a great quilt on a blog last week. I so wish I could remember what blog, so I could post it here! The block the blogger used looked like Twist from Quilters Cache  but with a bit of a tweak. I really love the look. I pulled some countryish fabrics... blues, reds, golds, greens and a cream on cream and started to iron and cut and piece. My goal was to whip up 4 blocks today and put them together to see how it turned out. I got 4 blocks made and then I laid them out to sew together and noticed something... Can you see it?

The bottom block on the left is backwards from the rest!  Oh well. That block will end up in my orphan box... and more blocks will be made. I think it is going to be a great quilt. By the way, those dark strips that look dark brown or black are actually a dark red with a tan print, but they are showing up super dark in the photo.

This one, the one hubby is working on and many of the UFO tops he has been quilting will be headed this fall to a Transitional Home for Homeless Women.

A week or so ago, I decided I wanted some new napkins. Hubby made some really neat ones for Christmas. We have always used cloth napkins, but never made them. I am so hooked. I love the way it feels and they are nice and big. I pulled 2 fabrics we had on hand that I love and thought would look great on our table. Here is the way it looks:

Here is a picture of each side of the napkins. They are reversible. The floral is a dark purple by Kaffe Fasset.

Hubby whipped these up for me.. well, for us to use, but for me because I wanted them. :-)

Finally... I have posted this quilt here, but wanted to show it in its new home... the wall!  This is the first quilt we have hung on the wall and I love it. I really love how hubby hung it. I never thought to buy a decorative drapery rod with clips!  So cool and so easy!  No need for a hanging sleeve. Looks good and it will be easy to change it out with other wall hangings if we want.
I hope you've had a great Crafturday too!


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Denise :) said...

Barb, that *is* a darling pillow! I may have to do one of those, too. I have lots of nieces that love pillows. LOL! And just for the record, I love the purples! I may have to borrow "Crafturday" for next weekend! :)