Saturday, April 10, 2010

Garage Sale Finds....

2 churches in our area had big garage sales this weekend for Missions. One is my mom's church and I go to it each year. The other one I have never attended before. Lots of stuff at both... I had a very small spending allowance though! Still... I found some nice stuff!

I bought books at both places... I love books! Including a hardback first editio
n with dust jacket in mint condition and autographed book that is one of my son's absolute favorite books! He is going to flip when I give this to him! Saving it for his birthday in a couple of months!

I also got this beauty....
I love glass items... especially plates and trays and bowls... just
love it! This platter is so unique to me... very simple, but really elegant. I just loved it. Almost passed it by, but hubby insisted.. he even haggled a bit and saved us a few dollars. :-) Can't wait to use it!

Of course the main thing on the lookout list was fabric! Found some nice solids (
no picture, sorry) and these 2 fun fabrics...

and then I found this baby fabric. Isn't it sweet?

And Hubby grabbed
up this stripe... he loves stripes!

So I added a bit to my stash.... and didn't break the bank!
That makes for a good day!


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