Saturday, September 6, 2008

Baby Quilts Everywhere!

Baby Quilts have invaded Sewing Central here. I love baby quilts... one because they are quick to make (instant gratification)... and two they mean there's a baby! I love babies! So here are the ones hubby and I whipped up last weekend....

We have a young couple in our church expecting a little boy in December. When hubby finished up his blue and yellow snail tails quilt, he had some left over blocks. I commented that the pattern and colors would be a cute quilt for a boy. So he whipped up a few more blocks and created one. It will be quilted after the little one is born. I like to put the baby's name and birthday on the quilt label, along with a Bible verse. And I always put labels on before quilting.

On Friday, Sept. 5, my great-niece Madeleine was born. I decided months ago that I wanted to make her quilt using 1930s repros. I have never made a repro quilt. This will definitely not be the only one I make! I used a simple pattern that shows off the fabrics and is quick to make... Yellow Brick Road. Originally I planned to put 1 border on Madeleine's quilt using another repro fabric... but when I laid it next to the center I didn't like how it looked. I really love the look of white fabric with repros. It seems to make them stand out. So I added the white borders with a slim pieced once (using leftovers from the blocks) in between. I really love how this quilt turned out and the fabrics feel sooo good! I have a sweet purple (sort of lilac) repro print for the back and binding. This one will be quilted soon and then off it goes to Madeleine.

Madeleine has a big sister, 2 year old Caroline. I made her a quilt when she was born, but I decided to send her another one... not for her, but for her baby doll. So I made a few extra blocks when working on Madeleine's quilt... put them together... added a border... and voila... it's done. I have a fun green repro for the back of this one and the border. This is my first doll quilt... lots of fun!

And last.. but not least.. is Noah's quilt. Noah is a very special fella. He is 16 months old and in an orphanage in Taiwan. Tomorrow (Sun. Sept 7) he will meet his mom and dad for the first time. They are there now and anxious to get him into their arms. It has been an amazing journey for the last 9 months. God has been working this out and providing in ways unimaginable to our frail human minds. Noah's quilt is a cheater quilt... so very quick and easy (I suspect he will get another one from his Aunt "Belle" down the road!). I bought 2 of these panels and some coordinating fabrics on clearance a year ago. Thought they were cute and knew someone would need this quilt. The pieced border is also a cheater... it is a wonderful striped fabric that goes with the panel. I have a really cute coordinating fabric to back this one with... it has animals all over it. This is a scrumptious feeling fabric too! Noah's quilt will be quilted this week. They are due home next Friday and I would love to have his quilt waiting for them.

That's all the baby quilts for now. I have one more that I made some time ago. It is about to be backed and quilted for my great-niece Ellie, who was born in June. (Running a tad late with hers!) Once it is done, I will post a picture.


cedarchestquilts said...

Love ALL those baby quilts, especially the yellow & blue snails trail. The 1930's YBR is beautiful, too. HUGS Angie

Roslyn Atwood said...

How much fun is that having DH in your quilting work? I think that I might not work too well with my DH in quilting!
i love baby quilts too, quick & rewarding to make & how they bless the recipients! Love the snail trails, blue & yellow are such a great combination.