Monday, November 24, 2008

Finally some quilting!

As usual life has been moving at a rapid pace and I have had no real time for quilting and, to be honest, when I have had a bit of time I've been to tired to quilt. How sad is that!? LOL!

But I got motivated this past week... mainly because I will be seeing 2 of my great nieces at Thanksgiving and 2 of these quilts are for them! So we have had a bit of a quilt marathon recently. I had the tops done on all these quilts... the labels printed... one back was done (meaning it was cut to the right size and the label had been added)... so I cut the backs for the others.. added the labels.. then got them all sandwiched. My hubby quilted and bound (binded?) 2 for me... he is a gem! (And no, I will not share! LOL!)

First is Ellie's quilt... I had the pillow made, the top pieced and the back ready... so once I got it sandwiched, hubby took off and got it finished in no time flat (he is a quick quilter!)... I think it turned out great...
Next is Noah's quilt... the top is a cheater, but the panel is so cute! I whipped it together a few weeks ago. The "pieced" border is actually a neat stripe fabric. We decided to use the same fabric for the binding.... I love the way it turned out! Hubby finished this one up too.

Here are the 2 I finished up... these are headed to Texas for our family Thanksgiving get together... the first is Madeleine's quilt... my first quilt using repros... it won't be my last! I did a simple diagonal grid for the stitching. I didn't wash the fabrics ahead of time (a first for me.. and it went so against my nature).. and as always I used cotton batting.. so when I washed and dried it, things crinkled up nicely! I love that crinkly look!

Madeleine's big sis, Caroline, has a quilt I made for her when she was born 2 years ago, but I knew she needed a happy too... so she has a doll quilt made from Madeleine's leftovers. This was soo quick and soo easy. A great idea for a child's Christmas!

It's nice to have some WIPs done... of course there are plenty more begging to be quilted... and more than I can list begging to be started! A quilters to do list never ends... it just continually grows and grows....



cedarchestquilts said...

What fun-baby quilts! and you must feel so much better to have them done, done, done. I do need to borrow your hubby--I have some that need speedy quilting ASAP. Hugs Angie

Roslyn Atwood said...

Good for you, it's hard to make time for sewing when you have a lot of other responsibilites.