Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back to the land of sewing.....

It seems I have been away from this blog and away from my sewing machine for a long, long time! Actually, I have done some sewing since my last post. I have been working on some Round Robins with my online quilting friends. Unfortunately, I cannot post pictures as the end results are to be surprises and they read this blog! But trust me, the RRs are looking grand!

My online friends also do a block lottery each month... something new for us and something I have yet had time to be a part of. I was determined to send in blocks for the January lottery... even purchased some fabric for them... but alas it wasn't meant to be! But I had the fabric... and even had part of it cut and ready to go. So what was I going to do with it? I hated to just toss it in the scrap box. Then it hit me... a friend's daughter is getting married in April and I need a quilt for them!
I took the fabrics I had cut... grabbed some others and went to work this weekend. I now have 16 lovely blocks... Scrap Zig Zag pattern from ... solid white backgrounds with green prints. I really do like the way they turned out. I am planning on adding more of the white for sashing. After that.. who knows! It is certainly not large enough! I just haven't decided how I will add to it... several basic borders... some applique...pieced border... who knows! I will get the sashing cut and the center of the quilt formed and then see what it wants to do!

It feels good to be back behind the "wheel"! I have a number of projects that need to be finished up before I start anything new... I have one more Round Robin to work on (which I have been working on, but I had to stop and order some fabric and am now on hold until it arrives.. hopefully this week!)... then I have several tops that need to be quilted... one in particular for a friend (it is wayyyy over due!). I have several other quilts I need to make this year... I have 2 nieces who are pregnant (so 2 more baby quilts)... a nephew graduating from high school and headed off to college... and a friend's son who will be 18 in the fall (I have given her other children quilts for their 18th birthdays).

It doesn't take long for my to-do list of quilts to fill up... and notice that none are going to be staying at my home! Oh well... they are all gifts of love and I love giving them! "Belle"

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