Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sweet Memories Preserved

It seems I haven't blogged forever! The past 5 weeks have been surreal at times. On September 22, we were awakened to one of those phone calls you never want to get. My mother-in-law had died in her sleep. She was 79. Her passing was completely unexpected, as she was not ill with cancer or anything like that. But her health had declined recently and we learned that God had appointed September 22, 2007 as the day she was to come home to Him.

Her 3 children were in the process of planning a wonderful celebration for her 80th birthday in December and her only son, my sweet hubby, had pieced a beautiful quilt top as a surprise for her. His mother loved flowers and had green fingers! Hubby has inherited her love of things that bloom and blossom, so it was only fitting that he create a special Flower Garden for his mom.

We had even added a label to the back and had everything ready for him to quilt it.. in fact, that was his project for that weekend.
With the turn of events, another label was added and this weekend he finally picked up the quilt and poured out his love for his mom as he quilted her garden. And while she never got to see it or use it, I know she would have loved it... and I know it will be a cherished family treasure for generations to come.



Anonymous said...

Hi Barb. I am a member of the quiltingboard also & saw your blog there.
I am so sorry to read about your DMIL's passing last year.
I also live in Mississippi & my DH does the quilting here.
Many hugs,

BarbC said...

Hi Linda! How exciting to meet another Mississippian and someone whose DH quilts! I would love to chat more with you. Feel free to email me at