Monday, October 8, 2007

Busy Weekend

I haven't been able to do much sewing or quilting the last few weeks, do I was happy to get back into Sewing Central this weekend. I made 3 quillows... actually they are more like blillows.. blanket pillows. I didn't put batting in them nor did I quilt them. Mamaw Belle wanted a light weight blanket to take on the bus when she travels with her church group... and I decided to make some for a few of her friends. So I took a 60" length of flannel and a 60" length of cotton fabric... 1 WOF...I sewed a pocket on one side and then put them right sides together. Sewed all around leaving about an 8" opening. Turned it inside out and closed up the opening. Quick, easy and cute!

This shows the fabrics I used
for one of Mamaw Belle's friends:
And here is hers (pink)
and another friend's:

I also helped my dd make 3 more totes this weekend for the girls in her knitting class. She had more show up than planned! I think they turned out cute!

I also helped a special someone sandwich a quilt that was then quilted this weekend. I will post pictures and a bit about it soon!

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