Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mother / Daughter time.....

My daughter loves crafts. She sews, quilts, knits, scrapbooks, create wonderful bead and wire jewelry, and more! She is known for her knitting. She takes it everywhere. The kids at church think it is cool and several have asked her to teach them to knit. So starting tomorrow afternoon, there will be a knitting class at our church.
She has a tote bag for each girl with some yarn, needles, instructions and other information. Tonight we made the last 2 bags. They are very basic, but turned out cute. In fact, she likes the blue one so much she is keeping it! LOL!
I love the bright colored tote... but then my friends will tell you I love bright colors! But there is more to it with this silly bag. The fabric we used is rather special to me. I have a gorgeous quilt made with it.

My sweet daughter worked around her class schedule and finals and work to make this for me last Christmas. She said I always made quilts for other folks and it was time I had one made just for me. She did an awesome job! The pattern is one she created.....fairly straight forward, like her... she had it quilted by a friend of ours who does long-arm quilting.. the pattern is butterflies. When this precious child was a wee one, she called them Flutter Flies, so that is the name she put on the label.

To have a quilt made just for you is a wonderful gift! I always worry folks will see the imperfections in the quilts I give them, but now I know that isn't true. The Bible says that Love covers a multitude of sins. Well in quilting, love covers all the imperfections! So when I look at Flutter Flies, I see the fun fabrics.. the bright colors... the great quilting.. but most of all I see the look on my daughter's face when she gave it to me.. a look of pure love... what more could a mom want!

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