Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quilting in February

Slowly getting back into the swing of things and carving out some time for quilting.  I have had a bag full of t-shirts waiting to become a t-shirt quilt for over a year.  These belong to our daughter's fella, but the quilt isn't for him.. it's for her. I hit the ground running and got the top made and then hubs used his mad quilting skills to get it quilted in time for her birthday (Feb 14.. she's our best Valentine!) She loved it.. knew she would.  :-)  I love how hubs quilted it. I even love that he didn't use invisible thread this time. 

I also start a baby quilt for a little one due in April.  Here is are the blocks put together. Just need to add a border or two and the top is done.


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Katy Z said...

I love these quilts. I'm collecting all my son's Little League shirts so I can create a quilt with them. He's on his last season!!