Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sewing Central is on the Move

I started quilting 11 years ago  and from day 1 I've used our dining room table. There was no other spot available.  It worked great until we needed the dining room. Yes, we use our dining room... mostly for holidays, but really anytime we have more than 6 at the table (that's all the kitchen table can hold) and more than 6 has become more and more the norm. So down Sewing Central would come and then up it would go again. Not the worst chore.. but not the most fun either and as life has changed and I've gotten busier..working full time again as well as other outside activities, the up and down of SC has made it more difficult for me to get motivated to sew.

Well the times they are a changing. The nest has been emptied... all the chicks have flown... we now have a bit of "free space" and I've decided to claim some as my own!  LOL!

It is will a while before it is fully set up.. we are slowly painting and redoing throughout the house, plus there is furniture to move once walls are painted. However, this belle was ready to stake her claim, so I set up shop in the corner bedroom. Son decided to leave his desk / table and I find it makes a great sewing table.  Eventually there will be a skirt on it (Going to use the space underneath for storage).  The double bed is being moved to a different room too and other things will make their way to what will be the new and improved Sewing Central, but for now I am excited about this humble start...

And it appears the pups are pretty happy with it too. They just want to be close!

There has been sewing happening too!  I put together a special t-shirt quilt top and the mad quilter (a.k.a. my sweet husband) has it quilted and bounded. In fact, it is swishing away in the washer as I type.  I am in the midst of a cute construction themed baby quilt that is looking super fun!

So be on the lookout for quilt pix soon and updates on Sewing Central as it evolves.


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