Saturday, July 27, 2013


Earlier this year I saw a lovely Starflower quilt on a quilt blog. I have always loved this pattern, but have never made a quilt using it.  I shared it with a group of online quilt friends and we all commented how lovely it was and started sharing pictures of other Starflower quilts. And then... we decided a swap was in order. 4 of us participated.. small group, but still fun!  We made 5 blocks for each person participating.. the thought being you would receive a total of 15 blocks and then could make how ever many more you wanted to complete your top. Because we were small, we were able to choose individually what we wanted.  One friend wanted all primary colors and she wanted each quarter of the block (so 2 points) to be the same color family.  And she wanted white backgrounds.  The other 2 ladies wanted each point a different color using fabrics that had an old timey look.... small prints.. darker shades.. not 1930s repros.  One wanted cream and light tan back grounds.. the other wanted tans and creams and really preferred tans.

My original request was cream or white backgrounds with any colors other than pastels or neons... and I wanted each point to be different.  I later changed to say cream or tan backgrounds. I never thought of tan as a background.. felt it would be too dark, but once I worked with it and saw these blocks I fell in love!

I have received 1 set and they are great.  Will post pictures of them and the other 2 sets once they arrive.

BUT here are the ones I sent out...

The primary colors with white backgrounds...

And the "old timey" ones with the cream / tan backgrounds...

I can't wait to see all the ones I receive together. I have 2 made to go with them so far. Will probably make 3 more to end up with 20 blocks. I like square quilts. :-)


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