Saturday, July 7, 2012

Scrappy Fun

My husband pulled out the scrap boxes a month or so ago and whipped up a bright, fun scrappy quilt top... and then proceeded to quilt it up in no time.  He is so fast!

Here is a photo of his latest scrappy creation...

If you wonder about all these random scrappy quilts and what we do with them, I'll tell you. They start out living with us. Occasionally one is claimed by someone in the family.  But if not, then the quilt is available to be sent forth to share a bit of love with others.  We like having these on hand for when a need arises.  We have given them to shelters.. to our son's girlfriend who moved into her apartment on a Friday in winter to find no electricity would be available until Monday.  She "borrowed" a scrappy quilt and it never came back. :-)  We have given them as comfort quilts when someone needs a reminder that they are loved and prayed for.  And yes, we have some just hanging around here. We go like to rotate all our quilts from closet to couch or bed and give them air and use.  I feel certain whichever ones remain here will be claimed by a child or grandchild one day. In the meantime, we will keep on stitching!

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