Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Here a Nose... There a Nose...

I am a huge fan of anything "Snow"... maybe because I live in a part of the world where snow is a rare treat.  I recently saw a photo of the cutest quilt and immediately knew I had to make it.  It quickly became a project for my hubby (a.k.a. the Mad Quilter) and me.  The face shapes are there... and the flying geese (Hubs did those.. first time to make them... he did a great job!)... and there are "carrot noses" everywhere going in all directions!  I had a blast adding.

Now I am adding a border of embroidery.  Once that is done, Hubs will do some quilting in the ditch and then I am going to add black button eyes and mouths.  The buttons will add some tacking through the entire quilt.

This will be a nice big wall hanging for our breakfast room through the Winter season. What fun!  This Mississippi Girl will have quilty snow this year!



one sassy mama said...

Just stopped in to say hi! I'm a quilter/blogger from MS too, and always on the lookout for others from my neck of the woods!

BarbC said...

Thanks for saying Hi! I will have to check out your blog too.