Saturday, October 22, 2011

3 Little Bibs... all in a row...

I have been having a long reprieve from quilting... actually from sewing of any kind.  And sadly I am just not motivated to get going again. Ever had a quilting funk?  I have a baby quilt top begging to be quilted... Christmas projects I need to make... but just cannot get my inner quilter up and going. In the midst of the funk, my daughter said "Mom, I need some baby things for a shower gift. Can you make some burp cloths?"  Of course I said yes.  And I decided to make bibs too. I have actually never made a bib.

I perused the web and found tons of how-tos and tutorials and templates for bibs.  Decided on a very basic one.  Printed out the template and went to town.  It was so easy and quick and fun!  Instant Creative Gratification! After making the first "practice" bib, I decided to whip up 2 more along with 3 matching burp cloths.

Here is the result:

Miss Harper will be a well bibbed baby!



Denise :) said...

Hey Barb, these are really cute! Where did you find the pattern/tutorial for this one??! :)

BarbC said...

Denise... it is really a mixture of things. I started with this tutorial (she has a link to a pattern that I used.. printed on Cardstock). I only did 2 layers.. cotton for the front, flannel for the back. BUT the thing I love best I found here: You have to read way down through the tutorial, but she cuts a tab on the side where you will slip the inside out. Oh my! It is great! Makes it so easy to close and topstitch. You cannot tell where the closure is at all once done! I am going to remember the tab trick for other things that get turned inside out! And I plan to make her bib soon. I like the multi-fabric look.