Friday, November 5, 2010

Giddyup Cowboy!

There is a young couple in our church who are expecting their first child at the end of November... a boy.  I have been trying to decide what to do for them. Hubby came in as I was pondering and said "What happened to those cowboy blocks you were playing with a while back?"  That "while back" was a couple of years ago!  I started these for a project... wasn't happy with how it was going... set it aside and did something else. So I dug around and found them and the fabric and such and started again. I cannot say this is my absolute favorite quilt (I really love scrappy quilts!) but I do think it turned out cute and I know they will like it.  It will be quilted after the wee one is born. I want to put his name and birth date on the label.


scraphappy said...

Sometimes its best just to finish a project off, even if it isn't your favorite, it could be perfect for someone else.

BarbC said...

You are absolutely right! I made a quilt top for a baby earlier this year. Liked it ok, but knew it just was not right for the couple having the baby. It was in primary colors and they wanted earth tones. So I set it aside. A month later a friend's daughter had a baby and my hubby asked if we had a quilt to give them. We took that one and finished it up. It turned out cute and they love it! Every time we see them they have the quilt and tell us how perfect it is for their son.