Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Fabricky" Fun

The past few days have been full of "fabricky" fun.  Here are a few things that have been happening...

A while back I won my quilt group's lottery... some lovely 1930s repro blocks.  This summer I put them together into a top and this past week my husband (a.k.a. the Mad Quilter) quilted and bound it for me. I think it looks great and I have already tried it out for cuddliness!  Mac and Mia think it is wonderful too!

Yesterday I spent the day with a lovely young woman who just so happens to be dating my son.  :-)  She likes craftsy things and being creative with fabric, so we decided to play. We made fabric flowers (used this  tutorial Scrappy Strip Rose ).  The photo does not show off the colors well.

The dark red one and small green one are now in my sweet friend's hair with a bit of ecru crocheted lace to enhance. Looks lovely!

This morning I was picking up our leftover strips and decided to make a purple flower for me....

I love how it turned out!  It will become a pin.

The final thing I did was put together some Yellow Brick Road blocks into a small quilt top.  This will soon become a tree skirt for our Christmas Tree. I made a quilt with the same blocks and fabric several years ago.

I love "fabricky" days!


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Kim D. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Barb. The added cinnamon to the sweet potato dish sounds yummy. I'll have to add that to my recipe. Your quilt is lovely and I like your fabric flowers too. I've been wanting to make some fabric flowers with stems. Have a lovely weekend!