Saturday, February 27, 2010

Whipped Up A Baby Quilt

My husband is a quilting whiz. He can start a quilt top on Monday and have it done and ready to quilt by the weekend and that is only working at night after a full day's work. And he can quilt like the wind. I have watched him quilt a huge work in a day just chugging along on a standard Kenmore sewing machine.

Not so me. I tend to quilt in bits and snippets. 30 minutes here... 20 minutes there... it just never comes together quickly for me. I have so many unfinished projects it is criminal!

So a week ago when they announced in church that there would be a baby shower the following Sunday and my daughter said "Aren't you planning to make them a quilt?"... to which I replied, "Yes, eventually" and she said "Do it this week.. in time for the shower.. you can do it!" I thought "No way!" and then I thought "Why not give it a shot!"

She and I brain stormed and came up with an idea. I sat down with fabric that afternoon and pulled charms and border fabric and such. I worked a bit most every day this week and to my great delight and surprise I got it done! I know there are soo many quilters who could have made this quilt much faster than I did... and who won't see this as a grand accomplishment, but for one who struggles a bit with time management and finds that quilting (which she loves) causes lots of aches and pains when done for more than 30 minute spurts and who is not the best at actually finishing something, this is a big deal!

And I think it turned out really cute! There are imperfections... points that don't quite match-up... some quilting that slipped out of the ditch... but overall it looks good and I think the baby and her mommy will like it.

Now if I could just get motivated to be this diligent with all my quilt projects!



ANudge said...

Beautiful quilt, Belle! I know you will be able to do it again with another ufo.

Laura said...

Really cute and congrats on getting it done so fast!

~Molly~ said...

Beeeeutiful!!! LOVE the colors of this one! I tend to quilt in an "all or nothing" way. Its been the "nothing" phase for several months now but as soon as our room painting is done I will break out the cutting boards and machine!