Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two Goals checked off the list!

I have gotten one of my January goals met and one has been lifted from me. I finished the gift for my Christmas Swap partner. I love the Charm Party Tote pattern and instructions. I used the basic how-to but adapted the pattern to be strips instead of charms. I think it turned out great! My partner sent me 2 fabrics and I was required to use at least 1 of them in my item. I used both! They are the 2 prints seen in the front pocket. They are also used in the purse itself.

Another friend, knowing a good bit about the circumstances in my life right now, has "ordered" me to send her the top I need to quilt this month to send to a mutual friend. I have hemmed and hawed over doing this, but finally relented.

So now I just need to pack up the purse and the top and send them off to their recipients.

And time to pick the next goal to work on!


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