Friday, January 1, 2010

Time to Set Goals

Well 2009 was a bit of a crazy and hectic year here. Did not get nearly as much done quiltwise as I planned. Hopefully 2010 will go a bit smoother, although I am not so sure it can. My younger child grads high school and starts college.... my older child grads college (on the same day her brother grads high school!) and moves out of state to get her Masters.... we still have 2 puppies, who are getting older and settling in, but still... they make like interesting! Then add to the mix an elderly mom who needs me a bit more than she has in the past and all the normal life stuff (Financial crunch, work, church activities, friends, neighbors etc.) ... Life is FULL!

So I have decided NOT to set goals for 2010. Instead I am taking baby steps and setting short term goals.

For January, my focus is on finishing up some things. Not sure they will all get done, but I hope they do!

1) I participated in a Christmas Swap with online friends and have yet to finish my swap item and send it on to the lady with whom I am swapping. Fortunately her life has been as crazy as mine and she is behind too! So I will be getting that done and into the mail!

2) I have a quilt top done and ready to quilt for a friend that I must, must, must finish this month!

3) I started a Fall Quilt Top in Sept. It is all together, but I decided to add some embellishment with hand embroidery. I am about 3/4s of the way done with that, so my goal is to finish up the embroidery this month.

4) Several years ago I started some redwork blocks... 12 of them. I have 11 done and have started the 12th. I would love to finish that 12th block this month.

5) I have a quilt I decided to tie, my Mile-a-Minute quilt. Started it before Thanksgiving. Have about 1/3 done. Would love to finish tying it in January.

6) I participated in a Snow themed block swap with online friends recently. Have all the blocks put together into a top. Would love to get the label done and the quilt sandwiched this month.

7) I participate in a quarterly quilt block lottery with friends and the blocks are due soon (Feb 1 I think). I need to make them up this month. Easy block this time around... blue and yellow nine patches.

So those are my quilt related goals for January. They are doable if Life doesn't throw me more curve balls!


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