Saturday, July 19, 2008

Charm Party Tote Done!

I was determined to finish this tote today! The pattern is great... easy to follow and easy to make.... and along the way I learned a few tricks that I will be using on other projects. I also plan to make more of these totes... probably adapting them a bit with smaller size or fewer charms.

The handles have fallen behind the tote in the picture... they are solid black fabric handles... long enough to tote the bag under by arm, but not so long that it bounces on my hip.

The interior has 2 pockets... one in large and open... the other is divided. The divided pocket ends up being 2 deep narrow pockets that will work fine for pens and an eyeglasses case. On the next tote, I am going to make that pocket shallower and wider... easier for me to "dig" things out.

I used this project to get a bit of free motion quilting practice... on the inside! I traced around the squares on the front.

There is a small front pocket that is perfect for my cell phone!
The pattern calls for buttons to be sew where the charms come together. I opted not to do that. It had no purpose other than decoration and I like the clean look without the buttons. Now if my points hadn't lined up pretty well, I might have added those buttons!

I bought very little for this project. I swap 5" square charms with a group of online friends and so have a nice size stash of them. I pulled the ones used here from that stash... all cut and ready to use! I also used charms for the outer and inner pockets... although the inner pockets could easily be created with a single piece of fabric. The lining came from my stash... as did the handle fabric and the fabric I used to cover a piece of cardboard in the bottom of the bag. Even the button on the front came from a can a buttons I have. The only thing I purchased was the fusible fleece. (Loved working with it!)

I have never had a lot of confidence in my ability to sew. I tried as a kid and later as a young adult and got very frustrated. I still avoid clothing projects! So I get a bit excited when I try something new and it works! And I love that this is for me... selfish I know... but I give away so much of what I make (and love doing that!), it's nice to keep something for once!

Now to get back to Orange Crush blocks... and other projects that are begging to be finished!



cedarchestquilts said...

I love your new purse, especially the combo of colors & fabrics you used. It's super scrumpsious! Angie

BarbC said...

Thanks Angie! Barb

Woven ~N~ Spun said...

I really love this bag. Thinking of selling any? I would love to use it for church.

BarbC said...

Hey Kimberley... I am thinking about putting some items in a booth at a local street market this fall... and I just might include some of these. Turned out so much better than I expected! Barb

Woven ~N~ Spun said...

Please let me know if you do as I would love to order one from you :)

Patchwork Penguin said...

Wow! It turned out well. I made one today....... and using the fusible fleece makes it very bulky, especially the handles. Did you have any problems with bulkiness? Would love to hear from you.


BarbC said...

I didn't use the exact fusible fleece the pattern called for. It seemed a bit thick to me. I found another one at Hancock's that was thin... like a light weight cotton batting. It worked well. The only time it was a tad bulky was when I was making the handles, but once made it was fine.