Tuesday, July 1, 2008

B & W top finished.. finally!

I finally had time to work on my nephew's quilt this past weekend and got the top done! It is a very easy pattern -- Turn Twenty Again -- and I love the way it all comes together. Here is the center without any borders added:

I knew I wanted to add a little punch of color, so I added a small blue flange between the inner and outer black borders. It doesn't show up in the photo of the finished top, but I am posting a close up shot that shows it well.

Now to get the label done and back pieced... sandwich it.. and quilt away!
In the meantime I have pulled out my Orange Crush box and started working on it again. I have the first 3 parts done and am working on part 4.



Amanda said...

What a stunning quilt. Black and white always looks so striking doesn't it. I'm sure your nephew will be knocked out when he sees it.

Quilt Pixie said...

I love the way the different B&W have different senses of movement between them. The small blue border adds just enough punch of colour too :-)

She sure is strange! said...

Barb, that is GORGEOUS!!! Wow!!!


Sunny said...

Stunning! I love the black and white fabrics you used.