Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Of course I have time for another project!

I have several tops waiting for me to quilt them... I have a mystery quilt from a few weeks ago begging me to and the final borders and then finish it up... I am in the midst of a quilt for a couple getting married in April... I desperately need to start a quilt for my nephew who is graduating in May... so what did I do this week? Signed up for yet another project! But wait.. it is Bonnie at Quiltville's ( newest mystery - Orange Crush. Who could resist that???

Mine will be an Orangeless Crush. I was determined to use only stash fabrics (and I sort of did... I was short on one of my main fabrics and ordered a bit more). I like orange and would have used it in my quilt, just didn't have enough.
I really wanted a different feel... I wanted to get away from wild and bright and do something different, but guess what I found out? I am a wild and bright person and most of my fabrics prove it! So I am determined to start adding things to my stash that don't fit my norm.... browns, gold, burgundy, forest greens, pastels (for when I need some light!).... things like that.
I am pleased with my choices. I have lots of dark and light scraps (as per Bonnie's instructions). The darks are mostly reds, greens, purples, a few browns, pink and golds. The lights are mainly white on white, white on cream and a super pale pink and green that are both almost white. My 3 yardage colors are a dark peacoat navy Moda marble (looks black in the photo), a Jinny Beyer print that is a magenta marble with black accents (that's the one I needed a bit more of), and a wonderful teal by Northcott (I love their fabrics!). For the accent color, I am going with a mixture of lemony yellows that read the same. Bonnie has said this quilt will not have a lot of light fabrics in it, so I am hoping these yellows lighten things up and add a punch of bright sunshine to the quilt.

Time to iron and get everything ready for step 1.. which should be coming next week!



creativedawn said...

Thanks for the compliment on the CC quilt. There is always time; I plan to make a CC for myself later. Of course maybe I will like the new mystery better or perhaps Bonnie will keep on doing mysteries and I'll have a larger selection to choose from! Whoohoo!
I like your color choices for the OC soon as I get my fabs, I'll post pics....will be purple for my daughter.... grape crush!

Phyl said...

Hoppy looks very much at home here:).


Kathy Wagner said...

Love your fabric choices and your 4 patches are very cute!