Thursday, March 7, 2013

Goodies in the Mailbox!

It has been a long week... a long day... Often when I am coming home from errands, work, etc. I pull up to the mailbox and grab the mail before parking the car and heading in. Lazy I know!  I was delighted to open the box today and find 3 package.. 2 small... 1 big. I knew what they were (and there is one more on the way!).. FABRIC!!!!!

I needed a bit more variety in my granny square blocks for the Christmas quilt. I have a good bit of red and greens, but wanted some more black and cream / gold background fabrics. So here are the ones that arrived today..

I love all of these creams, although I think the middle one may be a bit too yellowy for this project. No problem... he can rest nicely in the stash until that moment when the perfect quilt for him is underway!

I adore the black background Christmas prints I have been using and these fit right in. That bit of black adds depth and richness to the blocks.

OK I said I had reds and greens, but I really liked this one.. and it was a great deal through Thousands of Bolts

And here is the final fabric...

Not very Christmassy is it!?  That is because it is NOT for the granny square quilt... it is for another project.. a joint venture between the hubster and me!  It is going to be a fun one! Wait and see...


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