Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sailing Away....

Hubby surprised me with a completed UFO for Valentine's Day. This is a top he made a few years ago. He knows I love blue and white together. I love how they play off each other.. the richness of the blue making the crispness of the white pop.  My friends would look at this quilt and say it doesn't look like me. I am a pink girl.. especially pink and green or pink and purple or all 3 together... and I love bright colors and scrappy quilts. That is why I snitched a UFO he finished earlier that has lots of bright colors including a wonderful bright blue border.

But there is hidden meaning behinds elements of this quilt.. things that might not click with others, but do with hubby and I.

I grew up on water... the Muddy Mississippi is one of the most amazing things to see ... it is home for me. I can watch it flow and ripple all day along. And oh a sunset from the bluffs of my hometown, Natchez, MS is amazing. No way can you doubt God when you see it! I spent a huge portion of my growing up years on various lakes.. fishing with my dad (or attempting to get a tan while he fished)... skiing with buddies...swimming.. boating.. and sailing!  Ahhh sailing... how I miss it!  My best friend's dad and grandpa were into sailing and we would crew for them. Tiny boats.. Flying Scotsman.  There were races each month on the lake. It was so fun!  If you look closely you will see that one of the main fabrics used in this quilt is of plans for building sailboats. Thus the reference to one of my loves from days gone by.. sailing.  And as for the plans.. the blueprint look to the fabric.. well my sweetie is an architect, so that ties 2 of my loves together!

And if you wonder what I gave him... well, we were not supposed to swap gifts (Hubby never minds me in that! LOL!)  so he had nothing to open that night BUT I am safe... I gave birth to our first child and only daughter 23 years ago on Valentine's Day... that pretty well takes care of all Valentine's Day gifts for me forever! LOL!


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