Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Of course I have time for another project!

I have several tops waiting for me to quilt them... I have a mystery quilt from a few weeks ago begging me to and the final borders and then finish it up... I am in the midst of a quilt for a couple getting married in April... I desperately need to start a quilt for my nephew who is graduating in May... so what did I do this week? Signed up for yet another project! But wait.. it is Bonnie at Quiltville's ( newest mystery - Orange Crush. Who could resist that???

Mine will be an Orangeless Crush. I was determined to use only stash fabrics (and I sort of did... I was short on one of my main fabrics and ordered a bit more). I like orange and would have used it in my quilt, just didn't have enough.
I really wanted a different feel... I wanted to get away from wild and bright and do something different, but guess what I found out? I am a wild and bright person and most of my fabrics prove it! So I am determined to start adding things to my stash that don't fit my norm.... browns, gold, burgundy, forest greens, pastels (for when I need some light!).... things like that.
I am pleased with my choices. I have lots of dark and light scraps (as per Bonnie's instructions). The darks are mostly reds, greens, purples, a few browns, pink and golds. The lights are mainly white on white, white on cream and a super pale pink and green that are both almost white. My 3 yardage colors are a dark peacoat navy Moda marble (looks black in the photo), a Jinny Beyer print that is a magenta marble with black accents (that's the one I needed a bit more of), and a wonderful teal by Northcott (I love their fabrics!). For the accent color, I am going with a mixture of lemony yellows that read the same. Bonnie has said this quilt will not have a lot of light fabrics in it, so I am hoping these yellows lighten things up and add a punch of bright sunshine to the quilt.

Time to iron and get everything ready for step 1.. which should be coming next week!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mystery Revealed!

I finally had time to finish up my Mystery Quilt this weekend. Well, technically the mystery part is done. I still want to add a border of some sort and then quilt and bind it. It is a 56" x 56" right now. I am thinking of adding a small white border and then a larger border (4" I think) of the heart print material. This quilt is going to be a charity quilt for a little girl.

I like how the pattern came together. I really love the smaller blocks and think they would be cute alone in a quilt.

I love how putting simple things together... 4 patches and HSTs in this case... can create a pattern that looks complicated. I need to try my hand at making up smaller elements and laying them out in different ways to create unique looks.

I am very visual which has kept me from participating in Mystery Quilts. I like to see what the end result should look like... most time. I also love to just jump in and do this and that and create a pattern-less quilt. After the fun I had with this Mystery Quilt, I am sure I will participate in more.